Saturday, July 26, 2008

In the Dalles

Mom and I drove to The Dalles last night. We had a great drive, we listened to this cd from a guy in Washington, that died and saw Jesus and now he is telling his story. Dean Braxton, pretty interesting.

Anyway, we are at Hoffman Hills, the beautiful lavender farm owned by Treva. When we arrived last night they were having a family/friend gathering with guitars and singing. Treva was in the middle, surrounded by those she loves. They were singing hymns and camp songs and they even did a little Christmas. When Treva saw me, she called me to her, for a big hug and kiss. She is now on oxygen, she looks good. She is slow to move around and obviously bald head, but the funny thing is, she is still BEAUTIFUL! She is meeting with the hospice nurse as I write. Her family is all here, and she has decided to have a wedding. Yes, a wedding. She would like to renew her vows with her husband. On this beautiful farm, we are to have a wedding. So that is our goal today, to prepare for tomorrow's ceremony. Obviously, I will post pictures. Here's to Treva's celebration.

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Cheryl said...

Sounds like a wonderful celebration. Enjoy your special visit.