Friday, July 11, 2008


I am so excited....

My Little Bit gets to come home tomorrow.
It has been a really long two weeks without her.
She is such a positive in our family, it has been tough.

She will come home and sister will prepare to head to San Antonio.
She is so looking forward to her time with the youth group. There
are some real fun ones in the group that is going. The Bentley girls,
the two youngest, the Khang (Harwood) sisters, Jen, Trenton, Brandon,
Scott and Gretchen. It will be fun. They will have a great time.

Today, I did admitting. I love to do this every once in a while.
Just to change things up a little bit. I had the absolute, most
adorable little four year old today. He has Down Syndrome, but
it hasn't slowed him down any. He is so precious. I like to be with
the patients. Talk to them, get them ready for surgery, calm their
fears, make things a little easier for them before they go to surgery.
I love my job. I love to take care of people. It is awesome.

Had a Pinochle game with Ken and Jeff, guess who came from behind?
You guessed it, me! I had a little help on the last deal, the guys really
cheered me on, but it was sure fun!

I helped my girlfriend color her hair, well streak it really. When I went to get Bugg from Jenn today, they had just colored her hair and were working on streaking it. That was fun, Jenn is a blast. She cracks me up. *smile*

Well, that is about all for now. Hopefully I will get some fun pictures from Chelsey and get to put them on the post.

Have a great Friday.


Cheryl said...

Thanks for "stopping by" my blog. Alyssa has been gone this week too and I am also ready for her to come back home tomorrow!

Mommy Lion said...

My friend here is looking into to quitting her nursing job, but she has the same loving, caring heart and just can't imagine not taking care of someone and their families! You do a great job of it! Love you friend!