Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our LAST Volleyball Banquet 2010

This is Lyns, she was co captain and co inspirational player
(OK, I accidentally removed this picture below and couldn't get it back to the right spot, forgive me.)
Lyns and Lyns

Tyler, Lyns and Lyns

I didn't know that I could ever be so thankful for a season of our life to be over, but I am.

Bugg has had the most difficult high school years of volleyball related to her coaching.

She has had her confidence and self esteem shattered and I for one am truly grateful that it is finally over. I am so, so, so very proud of her for who she is and how she continued to handle herself so well despite the changes. She exemplified true Dignity when she wasn't shown any respect. I am so impressed with her. I know that her skills improved immeasurably throughout the years. But one thing my husband said tonight was, "you can't show what you have, when you are never given the chance." I think that sums up her time completely. She is amazing and I am so delighted she is mine.

Bugg here is to you!

You deserve so much better.

Coach and Melissa~ she has dress rehearsal for a play.

Neva~she got the Kate Stone award and scholarship

Good Job Neva!!

My beautiful Bugg

The Seniors

He was telling a story about her. He said she was the one who never showed any emotion until a couple of weeks ago during a rock/paper/scissors game with Alyssa.

She never got excited for wins, but she got excited for rock/paper/scissors.

That was his story about her.

Ericka, the most improved player

Kabrissa~the quiet one

Bree~Player of the Year for our conference :~)
Also, co captain for the team and inspirational player with Lyns.

waiting for it to be over. Emotionless....
only on the outside.

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