Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Our annual Trunk or Treat Festival was held at the Church again this year. It was put on by the Children's ministry under the direction of my dear friend Jenn. There was a huge turnout, not just for the number of trunks, but the number of people. The tunnel provided by the youth was bigger and better than ever. We had drinks and popcorn and prizes were awarded. It was a big event. I think it is my favorite part of Halloween. I don't need to dress up as anything exciting, as you can see, but just seeing the little ones all dressed up in different garb is entertaining to me. Seeing the number of children in High School, thinking they can trick or treat is alarming, as well as the costumes they try to get by with. I just read an article about that, "keeping the costumes from being too sexy." It is sad we have to even read an article like that, but I guess that is what is prevalent in our times.
On Saturday Evening, Peanut and her friends were headed to a black light Halloween party, no costumes required, but you know her..... she loves to dress up crazy whenever she can! So here is a part of her costume, she was an 80's workout girl. :~)

I thought she did a pretty good job, her big hoop earrings and her off the shoulder t shirt. Not bad. We teased her hair, but it still looked cute in her pony. Her friend, the boy, didn't dress up, he just wore white :~).
I don't have any pictures of Bugg and Puddles, they did quite the job of face masks and wigs, some of you could see those pics on FB. They were cute. That was our Halloween.

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