Saturday, March 6, 2010

Solo Ensemble and turning 1

This morning was the Solo Ensemble at First Presbyterian Church downtown. Peanut has done this for the last 3 years now. Each year it just gets better. I was trying to upload the video, but for some reason that didn't work out so well. I also have this underline thing going on, so sorry.
Peanut looked beautiful and sang beautifully as well. Her song was in Italian, which is even more difficult to sing because it is hard to understand. We always end up getting the same adjudicator and he is a different fella. The first year, he was incredibly hard on her about her appearance. Since then, he has not commented on any one else's attire. But, he was rather engaging today and she relaxed a lot with him. Gramma Willy, Nana, Papa, Bugg and I all got to watch. We were so very proud!!

After the performance, we headed home to get Peanut changed and to drop off Bugg. Bugg was invited to go to the High School Basketball playoff game at Lincoln high school by Dribbler's parents. So she was in a hurry to get ready and head out with them. Peanut and I, headed out to celebrate a couple of precious little princesses having their first birthday.

One of the perks of being a nurse at a Surgery Center is all these young doctors having babies. My girls get the opportunity to babysit for them and I get to see the babies all the time, which I LOVE!!! So, two of my doctor friends have little girls that were born two days apart! They had had their previous two girls one month apart! They are keeping the place populated :~).
Anyway, Caia was one on Tuesday and Ariana was one on Thursday.
They are two very different little ones. Caia just started crawling well and Ariana is trying to walk. Taking a few steps at a time, not more than 3, but trying.

Here is the joint singing of Happy Birthday to the girls. Caia is on the left and Ariana is on the right, with big sister Sophia peeking at the cake :~).

Having some cake and eating it too!!

She wasn't having the cake :~).

Iggy and her Poppa
(that is funny!)

Caia and her Momma talking to Me.

I guess I did get it loaded, this is only 15 seconds cause that is all I can get at one time! Enjoy.

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