Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bugg turns 17 :~)

On Friday night, we started our party. We got an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, chocolate chip cookie dough. Her friends were coming over for the evening.
They were playing Phase 10!

"C" on the left, had quit, because he got frustrated by not passing the phases. So, he teamed up with "L" his girlfriend.

"G" taught us how to play the game "signs" and it was a huge hit, even Hubs did well.

watching the presents being opened.....

"L" looking like she was getting sleepy and she was!

Bugg looking fabulous on her first night of birthday party.

Day 2~ Sunday with the family

with Uncle Kenny~

presents from Aunt Candi~

more from Aunt Candi

from Gramma Willy~


the card from Uncle Ken

it was funny!! :~)

thank you hugs....

lovin' Nana

lovin' Papa
blowing out the candles on cake #2

having fun~ just us girls
Happy Birthday to my sweet Bugg.
You have been a blessing in my life since the day you were born. I have not known the love that I feel for you each passing day watching you grow to become the woman that you are. I cherish you and thank God for you every day. May you be blessed on this your next year.
much love,

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Angela said...

Happy Birthday, Lynsey!

Our girls are growing up ~ Looks likes a lot of fun was had ~ Thanks for sharing :-)

Love, Ang