Saturday, February 20, 2010


Today I started working on the transformation to Bugg's grown up room. She has fallen in love with the black and white theme. For Christmas she got the bedroom set and now we work on the walls. I got this grey primer, because her walls are so dark! I began slowly just around the trim, because the bed and the desk were in my way and I couldn't move them without Hubs. He was busy working on water leaks and so he was under the house. He told me he was turning the water on for a certain amount of time and so Peanut and I needed to get our showers done then.
We did them and went on our errands for this afternoons birthday party's that we both were attending. Then she had softball practice while I went to a birthday party. When I picked her up from practice, so she could run home and shower and change, we came home to Hubs and Bugg putting the finishing touches on the remainder of the room!!! SO the entire room is primed and all I had to do was a little trim. She has picked her colors, so in the next few days we will have an entirely new look to her room. Pretty exciting! There are days that she definitely wants to be a grown up, but, when we talk about moving out to go to college, she adamantly states, "I am NOT moving out!" We'll see what happens :~)

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