Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chelsey~ 14~

January 4th, Peanut is 14!
Holy Smokes, I cannot believe my baby girl is that old. What happened to all this time?
I am certain that I am not getting any older, so how can my kids?
Bugg promised her little sister that she could open her present first thing in the morning. So, before I went to work and before they headed back to school from the break, Peanut got up to open her present. Now, mind you, if I looked like this when I first got up in the morning I could go any where :~).

Puddles and Bugg went shopping for these fine specimens the other day. Puddles was questioning Bugg's sanity, but Bugg was certain that this is exactly what Peanut wanted.
Here they are! These shoes....I said, "how fun". Then I, in my quiet little way said, "they are hideous!" I sadly burst her little bubble. I did not mean to! I am so glad that they are exactly what she wanted and that her big siSTARS got them for her. *eye roll here*

The meal plan was Spaghetti, that is Peanut's favorite. Just before snapping this picture all 3 of them were busily doing something, and then they look like they are just talking. But even Bugg was helping with dinner :~).

The cake all aglow!

The wish and the blowout

After singing, they quickly headed back to see what they missed of the Fiesta Bowl.

Mom cutting the cake

Dad holding the ice cream....

One of the presents from us, under armor and
sweat pants... can you tell she is an athlete?

and a sports bag.....

a special look for her sister...
while opening the first gift from the Johnson's
package number 2 from the Johnson's

An entire outfit was in this box! I tell you, those Johnson's spoil these girls ;~).
I believe she had a very nice birthday. She seemed to be very happy.
She also got some cards and some money, which of course makes any teenage girl happy.
Happy Birthday my Peanut, here is to many more.

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Angela said...

Happy Birthday, Chelsey!

I can't believe she's 14 ~ I always tell people our children keep us young ~ That's why I have three!!!