Monday, February 4, 2013

My Story

The Joy Dare continues to keep me thinking. I picked JOY for my "one word" for 2013, so being able to do the JOY DARE daily has been good for me. Three things.... three very different things. "three gifts red" "three gifts on paper" "three gifts found in writing" Those are just the first few days of February. Thinking.... pondering.... what gifts so unthought of can I find each day. Am I one of the faithful? That was the thought yesterday at church. Will I be one of the faithful ready to be thrown into the fiery furnance? Am I living my life outloud for the Lord in such a way, that I could be charged with loving Him so much that I deserve the fiery furnance? Does my life live a window into the heart of Jesus? Do I show that although my mundane every day tasks seem menial, my hope is in a future that is unfathomable for us to comprehend? Can I see that my life is a story? A story being written by the Author who knows the end? I read the blog today at (in)courage from Tsh Oxenreider and it blessed my heart. These thoughts that my ordinary, everyday, simple life can be part of a bigger story being written by the Author. It goes to show me that even when I think it may not matter, the ultimate plot of my life is God's plan for me. I need to be ok with that, I need to praise Him for that, I need to thank Him for that. I need to remember that, in the moments when I can't seem to catch my breath.... God is there and He is writing my story.

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