Wednesday, February 20, 2013


The last few weeks on Wednesday, I have a little Bible study with Liz Curtis Higgs via her blog. It is a new way to do Bible study, but a blessing, nonetheless. I have been going through her book, "Embrace Grace~Welcome to the Forgiven Life". Let me tell you what, this study has done for me, I have a weight lifted off my shoulders, the grace that the Lord has bestowed upon me has reclaimed my heart and found my head. I have been suffering with the lies of the enemy, the "you're not good enough", "he hasn't forgiven you", "you're not worthy to be called a child of the King". Those words have had a party in my head the last couple of years. My heart has become heavy, my head full of filth, the ache for Christ's love overwhelming me. Praise Jesus that I have connected with Liz, she IS an encourager. Her words were directly from God to me. I am not over it, I am not completely set free, but I am connected with a counselor, who loves Jesus and Jesus loves me! I will conquer the demons inside my head, that want to play chess with my heart, I will rule over the enemy and his lies to defeat me. I will celebrate Jesus and His grace, because He loves me so. Praise you, Jesus for helping me come home.

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