Sunday, August 7, 2011

My 40th day

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I had no idea what my husband had planned. I worked out a dinner date with my girlfriends on the evening of my birthday. Well, Hubs informed me that it was just rude to not be with him and the girls on my birthday. So, I tried to reschedule with my girlfriends for Friday night instead. Well, I ended up with only one! I was a little sad that it didn't work out, but I had a great time with Gretchen. She was so sweet and she pulled off the ultimate! On Saturday, I had ran into another friend that apologized for not coming to the "date" and that she would see me tomorrow at church, that we would get together another time, ya know, that sort of thing. So, my daddy finally mentions that the family dinner is a 6:30, Yeah, I say, because now I know what time I get to eat!! The family piles into the rig and we head out on the highway, to my favorite place, Carlos'. They are so good to us. They remember us from years ago. Hubs and I went there last month on our anniversary too! We pulled in and I said, it might be too busy for us, cause the parking lot was packed. Jeff and the girls lead me in to the back room filled with my friends and family! They pulled it off again! Those girls that had ditched me the night before were there in force! Love them for that. I said, Now it all makes sense!! :~) So here is a few pictures in the album. Enjoy.

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