Sunday, October 3, 2010

Saturday the 2nd of October

I got up and got ready for my day. I went to pick up Peanut at a friends house and took her to the high school. She was meeting the soccer team and heading to Medford. I went and dropped off her friend Red and headed to meet Bugg. Bugg was getting her senior portraits taken with Dulce Phelps. She had a friend with her and Puddles was there as well. We tootled about the Downtown in different outfits and different poses to get the girl looking her best. It was fun to watch her and see her beauty. She is so sweet and she did such a great job. I cannot wait to see them. While we were doing the pictures I got a text from Peanut saying the game was delayed an hour and that varsity would play after. I knew that I probably could have made it down there now, but I had already decided I wasn't going. I took Bugg and Puddles to lunch. We had a good time and I headed home and the girls headed to Puddles house. I then got a message from Peanut that she was only playing a half for JV because she was going to "swing" for varsity.
I got so excited for her and called her dad. I said, I need to go! So I hopped in my car and headed down to Medford. While en route to the game, Bugg sent me a text asking if I saw her goal. I said, WHOSE? She told me Peanut's! I said, I am not there yet! How did you hear about it? Someone at the game posted it on Facebook! I got there moments later. She was warming up with Varsity and the parents were sharing with me how incredible her shot was! I asked if any one got a picture and they told me they each have one in their mind! I was so proud of her, but so bummed that I missed her first game goal. For all these years she has played a defender, so she didn't have the chance to score. Then her first one, I missed it! They varsity game was fun to watch. The girls are very skilled and good at what they do. Peanut got put in during the second half as a forward. She did well and played well with the older girls. They welcomed her in and gave her the opportunity to play. She did get a shot on goal, but didn't make it in. We had time at the mall afterward and just the two of us headed home together. It was pretty fun. I enjoyed seeing her. Still sorry I missed her first goal! But, I am sure there WILL be another. :~)

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