Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jeff's birthday

Last weekend we celebrated Jeff's birthday. He turned 44, he kept telling the girls he was older than dirt. They kept telling him he wasn't quite that bad, Papa still had a few years on him. He then would comment on the fact that he is in his mid 40's and I still am in my 30's. I said I liked that :~). He worked on Saturday, but we started the evening with some celebrating. I couldn't wrap his main present, cause it was too big, so he had to have it on Saturday. It was a Craftsman tool chest, grey in color, not the infamous red. He says to me, "wow, I can really use this present!" I guess the other ones I have gotten him in the past haven't been so useful. ;~)
We were listening to some music from Peanut and they decided to have some dance time. So, I thought I would share a few pictures of the activities.

Then we went to playing some dice. We have become addicted to our dice game 10,000. We play it all the time together. Which I guess is a good thing. We need something to do together when the rain is coming down!! So Bugg and her daddy had a few moments together.

Then we played NERTZ. All of us, including Jeff and Ken! Now that is some entertainment. Ken is competitive, Jeff likes to cheat, and the girls are for real, so dang it! It was a competition.
But, definitely a fun one.

look at the seriousness on Ken's face and the slyness on Jeff's

So Sunday morning, we went to church and out for lunch at Applebee's. We came home to open the remainder of Jeff's presents.
We got him a couple of pairs of jeans, the girls are working on getting him "up to date".

Our two older ones. We have Amanda about half time, when she isn't with her grandparents.

I got him "chrome" to smell good :~) and he is sniffing the box, the girls were cracking up, reminding him that he really can't smell through the box.

Then Ken and Mom and Dad came over for cake and ice cream. It was fun. We had a great celebration.
Happy Birthday Jeff!

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