Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tree getting....

Our tree hunting day was a busy day...We headed out this morning for church. The children's program was today during Sunday School hour. That was fun. Kids are always a joy to watch.
After church we ran home and ate and changed our clothes. The girls were so cute. Our high today was like 33 so it was cold! I had to take their picture before we even went out to the farm!
We went to Oakland Tree Farm. We love that place. We have gone out there several times before and we always have a good time. The hunters....

The littlest one trying to saw some tree....

The bigger one thought she could saw some, too. So she "sawed" off a branch from the bottom of the tree.

Here is her branch....

the girls on the tire was actually hitting the ground this year, so they couldn't swing.
crazy pose
rockin' the swing

At home, we got a little picture of the two of us! :~)

The tree with the lights.....

Hubs said, he liked this year because the girls were putting up the lights and decorating and he got to sit and watch!
A little while after the lights were on the tree we left the house, just us girls and headed to pick up Nana. We then went to Canyonville for the Festival of Trees. The trees were just as beautiful as ever. I bought a centerpiece that was lovely and we visited with lots of people we saw there that we knew.
After the Festival we headed back to drop off Nana. Bugg finished putting up her ornaments and headed out the door, she had a fella to visit.

I fixed dinner. Peanut and I then got ready and went to Bethlehem Boulevard. It is a portrayal of the events leading to the birth of Christ put on by one of the local churches. We had gone last year, but they improved the decorations and costumes and set designs so much. It was so amazing and beautifully done. I was so impressed.
Back home to finish the tree. It looks beautiful.
Merry Christmas everyone.

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