Monday, April 28, 2008

New Beginnings

This last weekend I went out of town. I mentioned it in my last post. I went to an event in support of a long time friend of mine with Breast Cancer. The event was a benefit, in her honor, to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Research. It seems, according to Dr. Devon Webster a leading research doctor in the field of Breast Cancer at the Oregon Health and Sciences University that Oregon has the highest incidence of Breast Cancer. There is approximately 3000 people who will be diagnosed each year in Oregon each year. With an estimation of 520 people per year dying of Breast Cancer, that is 10 people per week. What can we do? We can support Breast Cancer Research. There is a new foundation in honor of my friend, the Treva Hoffman Foundation for Cancer Research and Patient Assistance. They are raising money to fund a project for a cryotherapy bank at OHSU. In this the researchers can use the tumor tissue to find out why we in Oregon have such a high rate of Breast Cancer and what we can do to save our future generations. Wow, how exciting. To be on the forefront of technology. In honor of Treva, I vow to do my part.
Treva LaRoque Hoffman

Fighting the fight to save her life from Breast Cancer and its Metastasis throughout her body.

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