Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 2012

There has been so much going on these last few weeks, it is overwhelming my little brain.

Since Christmas, when Bugg and J got engaged time is going quickly. We originally decided that they would marry next summer. Peanut had her birthday, we ordered her a car, through a friend of ours...... a beautiful black 2003 Ford Mustang. It would be ready in a couple of weeks. Our friend got it at an auction in Reno, so we had to wait for it to arrive and then for him to do some finishing touches on it, before she could get it. We made the decision on her actual birthday, so the wait for her was incredible. We went to a wedding showcase in Eugene, two days after the kids decided to move up their wedding to this summer. After the wedding showcase, we went dress shopping at David's bridal.... she had to have this one! This one that she saw online and on sale! That's a bonus. Well, that wasn't the one she got, but it was close! Peanut took her driver's test and immediately was on the go. My girls; over a matter of a couple of weeks, both gained their independence and headed out. Very different scenarios, but the same nonetheless. I have had a bit of hard time dealing with things over these last few weeks. It has been quite the struggle. My friend's child is struggling with an eating disorder, my other friend's husband lost his job, my other friend's husband lost his mind and had to move to foster care, my other friend's child is living with his s.o. and not wanting to go back to college. Oh, the Lord is seeing how much I can handle. It was time to hit the floor, both knees and my head bowed low. I just laid it all out there for Him. He took my heavy heart and made it light. He gave me a peace that is indescribable. He set my feet on a firm foundation. He showed me that it's HIS to take care of, not mine. So that, my friends is the last few weeks in a nut shell. A crazy mind boggling nut shell. But, tomorrow is February, so start fresh and new. Til next time....

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