Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Just thinking about some things today. My heart is heavy for so many things. I have heard of a friends' diagnosis of invasive Melanoma, relationships at odds, not just one! I know that the ENEMY is alive and well and roaming in this world. I know that this is HOLY WEEK and we are to be surrounded by the thoughts of Christ and what he went through to save US from the eternal damnation. I just am saddened by the weight of the burdens that are being placed on people. People need to "lean not on their own understanding, but in all their ways acknowledge HIM!" (paraphrased) I just am claiming the Lord's victory over the life of my friends that are being afflicted with this heavy weight, that they may lay their burdens at the feet of the cross and KNOW that HE died for those things. Leave them there, let them go, give them to GOD.


IronJon said...

Didn't know you were blogging. I like. Blessings. Would love to have you help us out tonight at Journey to the Cross if You are available.


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