Sunday, March 20, 2011

Here is the real story :~)

The hubs and I don't lack for vehicles at our home. We have 4 rigs, two boats, a trailer, 3 bicycles and I am sure a few other things that could mobilize us. All of the rigs are paid for and so when considering getting something newer than 11 years old comes to the conversation, we slightly balk. You see, neither of us want to go back to payments. We have thankfully made it to the only "bill" being the house payment, besides utilities. So, Hubs truck is old! Like a 1991, before we were married year, right? It has a temperament and often decides to do what it feels it wants to do, not always what we think it should do, right. So he has been eyeing this rig down at the lot by our house, we are officially on vacation with the girls for Spring Break and we aren't going out of town let's look at this pickup. OK, that sounds reasonable. He gets this nice young kid to go with him for a test drive, on the way out he says to Peanut and I, "take a look around and see if there is anything you like!" Was he intentional? I am not sure, but Peanut and I went cruising about the lot. We found this one rig that was listed for less than $13,000 and it was a 2004, TAHOE! Had power everything and a built in DVD player. Must be a mistake. He comes back and he really, really likes the truck. I tell him that is great, get the truck. While you were out, we looked at this......

Peanut is with us as Hubs does all the negotiating. She is a quick learner and quite bright, if I might add. So she is going right along with her Dad on this one. They are wheeling and dealing and guess what? Long story short...we brought this one home and haven't got the pick up yet. But maybe before too long. Nice day out with the family for me :~).

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