Friday, July 30, 2010

Camping Trip to Lost Creek Resevoir July 2010

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We had such a good time for our family camping trip this year. We haven't had the boat out for a couple of years because it has been so busy with the girls' sports. So we hooked up the boat and the camp trailer and headed south east for a little adventure. An adventure it was. We had to stop mid way because Jeff's truck was overheating. The radiator hose had sprung a hole. So we detoured for a bit and sat on the side of the road until the truck cooled down. When we arrived at the camp, the site wasn't ready yet. So we headed out for the day use area to load the boat.
Busy day on the lake and we had to wait our turn for unloading. When we unloaded, I drove the truck to find a parking space and Bugg and I headed back to the boat dock.
When we made it down to the launch site, Jeff and Peanut were in the boat, feeling a little defeated and quickly told us that the boat wouldn't start. So we loaded it back up and headed to the beach. The girls were so sad, but I encouraged them to keep their spirits up for their dad. He had worked so hard to get the boat ready for our trip, he had even taken it out a couple days before to make sure it was behaving. We found some other things to do, there were bike trails and walking trails and hiking spots, card games. A presentation on rocks by a local Museum gal, Peanut and I were the only ones to go to that. All sorts of stuff for us to do instead. On Sunday morning, Jeff decided to head further east to Crater Lake. The girls were so excited. We had a great time there, Buddie traveled well and was excellent at the park. We stopped at Union Creek on the way home, the pictures do not do justice to the beauty of the waterfalls. We also found a little ice cream parlor in the town of Union Creek that sells their single cones as a foot high cone!
We walked down to the lake and swam and jumped off the rocks and just had some fun times. The next few days we were out on the boat. On Monday morning while the girls were sleeping in, Jeff decided to work on the boat. He got the thing running and proudly proclaimed, "I don't know what was wrong or what I did to fix it, but it is working!" The last full day there we toured the Fish Hatchery just up the road. On Thursday, Jeff and Peanut headed out to fish and Bugg and I took care of packing up camp. We had a little trouble with the awning, it had a glitch, but we worked it all out. So enjoy the pictures, we had a great time making them.

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